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PhD Program 'Biomedical Ethics and Law' Medical Track


Program description and duration

The program consists of required coursework of 12 credit points and a research project which leads to a dissertation. An attractive selection of core courses is offered by local and international experts.. The PhD BmEL/Medical Track is a 3 year program. A fast-track option, or an extension of the program are possible but conditional upon approval by the PhD Program Commission BmEL/MeF.

Who can apply?

Medical doctors, biomedical and other scientists with a strong interest in biomedical ethics are eligible to apply to this program. Applicants should have completed a Master’s degree (or equivalent), demonstrated academic excellence and be fluent in English as the PhD BmEL/Medical Track is an English language program. (English proficiency requirement as per University of Zurich regulation).

MMed/PhD option

The medical track accepts medical students who opt for a combined MMed/PhD. Eligible medical students should be in their third year of studies in order to apply. Conditional approval may be granted to third year medical students, yet full enrollment in the program will only be granted upon completion of the medical studies. In this case, students have the option of completing some of the required PhD BmEL coursework along with their medical coursework. This will allow them to concentrate on their research after the completion of their medical studies.

Career benefits

Program graduates will be qualified to pursue academic careers in biomedical ethics, to contribute to ethics committees, and use their expertise to advance their medical work in clinical practice or clinical research.

More information and contacts

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Application Deadlines

Deadline: May 1 and/or November 1

PhD BmEL Course Calendar

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