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PhD Program 'Biomedical Ethics and Law' Medical Track


Applicants are strongly encouraged to seek fellowships that allow them to pursue their studies. Some financial assistance may be provided through the Institute of Biomedical Ethics depending on available resources.

How can you finance your doctoral study?

See the advice from the University of Zurich here

You can also check Research Professional, an online database of research funding opportunities and a source of international research policy and practice news. 

Funding Opportunities for candidates from EU8 countries

PhD students in biomedical ethics from EU8 countries (Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia) maybe eligible for a PhD student exchange program with our institution. For details on the Scientific Exchange Program NMS-CH see this link:
Application documents can be downloaded here:

Previous Fellowhips:

Careum Doctoral Fellowship for Biomedical Ethics/Nursing Ethics

Advances in biomedicine have increased the ethical challenges that are faced by health care professionals in clinical and health research settings. As a result expertise in biomedical ethics, the field that studies ethical issues in biomedicine, has become increasingly sought after.

Within the context of its commitment to promoting training schemes for health care professionals, the Careum foundation encourages advanced studies in biomedical ethics by offering a three-year doctoral fellowship in association with the University of Zurich’s PhD program in Biomedical Ethics and Law/medical track.

The Careum Fellow will be a PhD student at the University of Zurich’s PhD program in Biomedical Ethics and Law/medical track (PhD BmEL/med). The PhD BmEL/med is a newly established program, developed according to the Bologna requirements and consists of coursework and original research which leads to a dissertation.

Eligible candidates should hold a University Master’s degree in health care related sciences (such as nursing sciences), should have demonstrated academic excellence and be fluent in English. They should be interested in pursuing their doctoral research in the area of nursing ethics. Applications should be sent to the PhD BmEL/med. The application form as well as detailed list of application requirement and application process can be found in:

URPP Ethics Fellowships on Justice and Health

The principle of justice is undoubtedly a central theme in biomedical ethics; it plays a crucial role in bioethical analysis of questions on health resource allocation, international medical research, public health, access to health care etc. Three UFSP fellowships were awarded to our students to pursue their PhD in the area of justice and health. This fellowship cycle is closed.

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