Leadership Committee BmEL

The Leadership Committee BmEL consists of the members of the PhD Program Commission from the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Medicine. It is in charge of the following tasks:

  • development of a joint range of educational offering
  • issuing general instructions for the BmEL PhD
  • coordinating the modules


Doctorate committee BmEL RWF

The PhD Program Commission of the Faculty of Law is responsible for the acceptance procedure, appointing the doctorate conferral committee, and deciding whether to grant credit for previously completed work and credit points.

It consists of the following members:

Postal address: Freiestrasse 15, 8032 Zurich

Doctorate conferral committee

The doctorate conferral committee consists of the main advisor and at least one other advisor. It is responsible for framing and adjusting the doctoral agreement.

Coordination office

The coordination office of the Faculty of Law is directed by program director Prof. Dr. iur. utr. Brigitte Tag. She maintains administrative contact between the two faculties and is responsible for the following tasks:

  • planning and realisation of the Law Track
  • coordination of the Law Track's development
  • exchange of necessary information
  • administrative supervision of the doctoral students